Video emerged showing cars drowning after heavy rain in Novokuznetsk 18:00

A superstorm flooded streets and cars in Novokuznetsk. About this reports Life connected with Shot.

“The streets of Novokuznetsk are flooded after a heavy downpour: cars and pedestrians literally have to swim,” the publication says.

It was reported that there was heavy rain and storm in the city. As a result, some areas were left without electricity.

June 13 Moscow paralytic Roads were flooded following heavy rain.

Heavy rain in the capital has halted traffic on a section of the Filevskaya metro line. A passenger bus has drowned in the north of the capital. Passengers were immediately evacuated and no one was injured. Traffic has been closed on Klyazminskaya Street, where the incident occurred.

Online later seen Video of a courier in Moscow swimming through puddles while delivering an order after a heavy rainstorm.

A Dagestan man after a super shower earlier leaked out On the road on a SUP board.

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Source: Gazeta


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