Russians told how not to be afraid of driving 10:36

Fear of driving a powerful vehicle can lead to dangerous situations on the road, – Psychotherapist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Evgeniy Fomin told

“It is normal to be afraid of driving, even if we are talking about a professional. The feeling of fear helps the driver to protect himself from many unpleasant situations on the road. But there is also a paralyzing fear that causes a person to have stress reactions such as “fight, flight or freeze”. Thus, the driver can literally numb with fear of cars, which reduces the reaction speed. This often leads to an accident,” explained the expert.

In this case, Fomin advised drivers to consult a psychotherapist or try to honestly answer the question of what exactly they are afraid of. For example, if a driver is afraid that he will be stopped by traffic police, then he needs to imagine what the worst outcome of the situation could be. As a rule, everything is limited to a fine. According to Fomin, it is important for a person to understand that getting out of such a situation is quite possible and not critical.

“Secondly, many drivers are afraid of accidents, but most emergency situations are completely solvable. We see them almost every day: drivers crashed, got out, talked, called the police, filed a report, contacted the insurance company. Tragic situations happen very rarely. Most drivers drive every day and get home safe and sound. So here it is worth realistically assessing how likely it is to get into an accident if you try not to break traffic rules,” Fomin concluded.

Russians before It has been saidhow to behave in case of automatic installation.

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Source: Gazeta


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