The faults that cause the air conditioner in the vehicle to break down were explained to the drivers 00:07

Many Russian drivers make mistakes when using air conditioning in the car. It has been said car repair portal

According to the expert, in order to avoid various problems with the operation of the air cooling system, you need to remember simple manipulations: cleaning the radiator, filling the coolant and blowing compressed air through the air duct deflectors. Car mechanics say that if you do this at least once a year, the driver will not have any difficulties with the air conditioner. Otherwise, the device may fail.

Speaking about climate control, the expert advised drivers to forget about open windows in the car. Otherwise, the system will fail or even break down due to the load. The mechanic recommended that drivers use manual climate control controls.

Before that, Dr. Valeeva in the name Rules for using air conditioning in a hot car. First of all, he recommended ventilating the car interior before turning on the cooling system.

Also in the summer Russian driving experts Recommended Increase the air temperature in the cabin before stopping transport to avoid “air conditioning cooling.”

Russians before It has been saidWhat can you get sick from using the air conditioner in your car?

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Source: Gazeta


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