Bus driver cursed at passengers and challenged one to a duel 08:52

An inappropriate driver caused a riot in the cabin of a tour bus in Sochi. reports Telegram channel “Typical Sochi”.

“As tourists say, they went from Adler to the AquaLoo water park on July 8. But the bus driver ruined the situation. According to them, on the way back, he drove the Ikarus, which was full of people, at a very high speed along the winding road. When asked not to drive, he shouted obscene words. He then started a fight by challenging a male passenger to a duel, the report said.

The driver was reported to have smelled a strong smoke odor. It was not stated whether the bus passengers contacted police after the incident.

Before this, eyewitnesses filmed videoAskhab Tamaev slapped a young man who jokingly shouted the famous phrase “This is my car”, just outside Moscow City. The blogger often uses it in his videos. In the published footage, Tamaev is seen driving a turquoise Lamborghini towards Moscow. A group of fans gathered around him.

Askhab Tamaev is a 23-year-old blogger with millions of fans who makes videos about cars and fights on social networks.

Previously Mizulina in the name Blogger Tamaev “scammed” after slapping a teenager in the face in Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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