Blogger Tamaev, who hit a teenager in Moscow, received 47 fines for traffic violations 18:47

Blogger Tamaev, who hit a teenager in Moscow, received 47 fines for traffic violations 18:47

Blogger Askhab Tamaev, owner of a turquoise Lamborghini, received 47 fines worth 75 thousand rubles for violating traffic rules. In this regard he is writing Life with reference to SHOT.

“He is currently a defendant in two administrative cases: he is accused of driving a car that is not registered as prescribed – the case is being considered by a Moscow court,” the publication says.

It is stated that the blogger was fined for speeding, non-payment of parking fees, violation of signage requirements, etc. It was also learned that Tamaev owns a 2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan, which costs 50 million rubles.

Before this, eyewitnesses Removed In the video, Askhab Tamaev slapped a young man who jokingly said the famous phrase “This is my car” near Moscow City. The blogger often uses it in his videos. In the published footage, Tamaev is seen driving a turquoise Lamborghini towards Moscow. A group of fans gathered around him.

Askhab Tamaev is a 23-year-old blogger with millions of fans who makes videos about cars and fights on social networks.

Previously Mizulina in the name Blogger Tamaev “scammed” after slapping a teenager in the face in Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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