Russians told how much it costs to fix a hail-damaged car’s bodywork 17:18

Repair of dents left on the body of a car after a hailstorm can cost up to 1 million rubles if all parts of the body were severely damaged by a natural event, the owner of the Bobrikov Brothers workshop Roman Bobrikov told

“If there are several dents on each part of the car, it can cost in different ranges, starting from 20-30 thousand rubles. But sometimes there is so much work that when the car is literally damaged by hail, the cost reaches 1 million rubles,” Bobrikov said.

He also explained that most hail damage can be repaired without the need to repaint the body using special hooks and adhesives using PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) technology.

“About three months ago, a client came to us who brought a BMW X5 and X7 from Europe for himself and his wife. Hail damage was above average on one and light on the other. The work cost 1.2 million rubles and took a week,” the expert gave as an example.

Russians before It has been saidfor this, the car body needs to be rubbed with mayonnaise.

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Source: Gazeta


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