Video appeared of a KamAZ truck hitting a traffic cop in the head in Pyatigorsk 14:29

In Pyatigorsk, the opening of the tailgate of a KamAZ dump truck while driving hit the head of a traffic police inspector standing on the side of the road. Video of the incident published Telegram channel “Minvodyhelp (Our City)”.

The incident occurred in the area of ​​the car market. The footage shows a traffic police inspector in a white uniform coming out of the adjacent area and stopping at the side of the road to let the turning KamAZ pass.

At the moment of turning, the tailgate of the dump truck, mounted on hinges, opened due to inertia. Its edge hit the inspector in the back of the head. The man fell on the road and screamed loudly in pain. The KamAZ driver left the scene.

His colleague and other witnesses rushed to the victim’s side. The injured officer’s condition has not yet been released.

Earlier in the Krasnoyarsk Territory there was a minibus with children collapsed got into a KamAZ and flew into a ditch.

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Source: Gazeta


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