Russians will be fined daily for driving uninsured vehicles without license plates 11:45

Russians could start getting fined every day for lack of insurance, based on their license plate numbers. he is writing Life connected with Shot.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Central Bank and the RSA have created a working group that advocates monitoring drivers’ MTPL insurance through security cameras. The authors of the initiative are trying to achieve the main thing: to increase drivers’ protection against financial ruin caused by expensive accidents.”

It was noted that a fine for lack of insurance will be imposed no more than once a day. However, the number of such days is not limited. This means that a driver can lose up to 25 thousand rubles per month. The working group plans to send a proposal on this to the State Duma in August.

July 3 Federation Council approved The law on the removal of the MTPL policy from the list of mandatory documents for vehicle registration. This was learned at its 571st meeting. Also, according to the new law, drivers will now be able to stop state registration of a car if it is stolen or stolen. When selling a car, you can also immediately delete it from the traffic police records, instead of waiting 10 days after applying to the department, as before.

Before that, the State Duma also finally approved Removal of compulsory traffic insurance from the list of mandatory documents.

Russians before It has been saidHow to buy MTPL cheaper?

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Source: Gazeta


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