Electric scooter caught fire in Moscow apartment due to new charger 17:32

An electric scooter caught fire in an apartment in the west of Moscow. About this reports Life connected with Shot.

“The owners of an apartment on Michurinsky Prospekt bought a charger a few days ago and decided to test it today. We connected it to the scooter we bought 4 years ago and began to wait. After a few hours we noticed a strange smell,” the publication says.

It was noteworthy that the vehicle owners immediately notified the fire department. Some media reported that the electric scooter owner’s hands were burned, but this information has not been confirmed.

Before that, on the roof of a bus approaching a passenger stop in Moscow exploded gas cylinder. The shock wave was so strong that it tore off the roof of the bus, and the cylinder flew towards residential buildings. According to information from the city’s Ministry of Transport and the capital’s State Traffic Inspectorate, the driver and one of the passengers were seriously injured. The ministry said in a statement that “the driver heard an explosion and stopped the bus.”

Previously “LiAZ” was created Operational commission to investigate the bus explosion in Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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