Minsk Tractor Plant started selling ice cream with Belarus tractor 18:32

Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) started selling Belarus tractor branded ice cream in cooperation with the Mogilev ice cream factory. In this respect reported On MTZ Telegram channel.

Ice cream under the Belarus Tractors brand is sold by the catering establishment of the Tractor Factory. The price for a 250-gram glass is 4.89 Belarusian rubles (134 Russian rubles). The product contains water, cream, milk powder, whey and a number of other ingredients. The label depicts one of the most modern tractor models of Belarus.

Before that Minsk Automobile Plant presented Branded sausage series. Sausages “Estonian aromatic”, “Milan”, “Vilagio”, “Krakowskaya”, “Braunschweigskaya” and others are offered for sale under the MAZ brand. Branded meat products of the MAZ brand are produced by the Borisov meat processing plant.

It was previously known that there is a new Lada Largus in Belarus. costs Cheaper than in Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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