Traffic reopened on the Crimean Bridge 09:48

Vehicle traffic on the Crimean Bridge, which was temporarily closed, resumed after 17 minutes. This has been reported Telegram channel Highways Information Center provided information about the condition of the road leading to the bridge and preparations for inspection.

The message says, “Vehicle traffic has been restarted on the Crimean Bridge.”

No other details are given.

Before reportedIt was stated that 240 vehicles were in line before entering the Crimean Bridge from Taman.

Crimean Bridge on Saturday morning, June 29 Blocked about an hour.

The day before reportedMore than 400 cars accumulated on the approaches to the Crimean Bridge from Kerch. There was no queue in front of the checkpoint from Taman.

Dmitry Pletenchuk, Representative of the Naval Forces of Ukraine (Navy) statedThere is no longer any point in Kiev destroying the Crimean Bridge, as Russia hardly uses it for military purposes.

Previously in the State Duma answered Ukraine’s statement on the military importance of the Crimean Bridge.

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Source: Gazeta


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