A way has been found to supply branded spare parts to Russia. What about the prices?

The government decided to allow the importation of sought-after original foreign-made goods into the country without the permission of the copyright holders. The resolution to abolish responsibility for so-called parallel imports has been published today on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce was instructed to prepare a list of such goods based on proposals from federal departments.

In order to prevent counterfeit goods from being imported into our country as part of parallel imports, all necessary customs and control procedures will be followed. In addition, such products will be subject to guaranteed service.

In the context of sanctions, this will help to supply the domestic market with demanded goods and will help stabilize their prices.

“The purpose of the mechanism is to meet the demand for goods containing the results of intellectual activity. Until now, they could not be sold on the territory of our country without the permission of the copyright owner,” Mikhail Mishustin said at a meeting of the presidency of the government commission on improving the stability of the Russian economy under sanctions.

Since the list of goods has not yet been made public, it is premature to talk about what will be included in it. However, it is clear that auto parts and components are in high demand commodities, and there is already a shortage of them on the market. As a result, prices have skyrocketed.

The ability to purchase branded spare parts without regard to brand owners will help curb price increases in the domestic market, and possibly even reduce it a little. Because it is known that companies in different countries can set different prices for the same products. Goods can be bought in third countries where they are cheaper, imported into our territory without the knowledge of the manufacturer or copyright holder. Although the mechanism of parallel import is still unknown. Apparently, purchases will be made through intermediary firms.

On March 8, 2022, the President of the Russian Federation signed Federal Law 46-FZ, which gives the cabinet the right to determine products for which parallel imports are allowed.

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