“Veterans of Russia” call for a ban on people over 70 from getting behind the wheel 14:09

In Russia, an age limit for drivers should be introduced and people over the age of 70 should be prohibited from driving. This initiative was put forward by the “Veterans of Russia” movement. reports 360.ru.

“The Russian Veterans movement proposes to develop standards that would limit the age of drivers, for example by banning people over 70 from driving for medical reasons,” said the movement’s chairman, Ildar Rezyapov.

The activist called for the rules to also set the maximum permissible age, recalling that so far only a lower age limit exists in Russia. He emphasized that hearing and vision deteriorate in the elderly and reactions slow down. He believes there should be stricter medical examinations for older drivers and that they should be given 5-year licenses, not 10.

As an argument in favor of such a measure, St. Petersburg due to the fault of an 86-year-old driver. He cited a recent accident that occurred in St. Petersburg – he ran into oncoming traffic and crashed into another car. Activists believe that introducing age limits for drivers will help prevent such accidents and reduce the number of accidents in general.

Let’s remind this with a similar idea: carried out Doctors demand that people over 75 years of age be banned from driving. They emphasized that in old age, biological processes in the body slow down, so even if a person is cheerful, the speed of reaction to everything happening around decreases.

Russians before in the name The safest place in the car in case of an accident.

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Source: Gazeta


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