It is proposed to create a special unit to monitor scooters in Russia 11:29

The State Duma has proposed the creation of an “electric scooter police” that would monitor electric scooter users’ compliance with traffic rules. In this respect reports Telegram channel Baza. The author of the proposal was deputy Vladislav Davankov.

As reported in a letter to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, 73% of Moscow residents have a negative attitude towards electric scooters in the city, primarily because they are concerned about their safety. According to MP Vladislav Davankov, the main problem is the lack of control over scooter drivers.

Therefore, the MP proposes to create “electric scooter police” – special patrols that will go to popular public places and make sure that scooter lovers do not violate traffic rules.

If the initiative is approved, “electric scooter police” patrols may appear not only in Moscow but also in other cities of Russia.

Prior to that, Center City, Faculty of Urban and Regional Development, National Research University Graduate School of Economics spent An online survey among the capital’s residents revealed that the majority of citizens are against the use of electric scooters.

So, almost 3/4 of Muscovites have a negative attitude towards electric scooters on Moscow streets: 48% are “strongly negative” and 25% are “quite negative”.

The study also showed that 55% of Muscovites see electric scooters as a safety threat. At the same time, 45% of those surveyed believe they are potentially dangerous for vehicle drivers. Nearly 40% want electric scooters to be banned. At the same time, 20% of Muscovites believe that electric scooters make it easier to get around the city. 58% of those surveyed are ready to tolerate the use of electric scooters on the streets.

Among measures to regulate electric scooters, Muscovites suggested reducing the maximum transport speed (42%), issuing users with traffic rules knowledge certificates (39%) and increasing the age limit (36%).

Previously on social networks to create “gray” electric scooter rental plans.

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Source: Gazeta


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