Six cars of a driving school burned down in Chita after poplar feathers were set on fire 11:46

Six cars belonging to a local driving school burned in Chita. In this respect reports Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Trans-Baikal Territory. The cause of the fire was the ignition of poplar fluff.

“On the evening of June 18, a car caught fire in the garage area rented by the driving school. 6 domestic vehicles became unusable in the fire. “The amount of damage caused is being determined,” the statement said.

It is stated that the main version of the fire is arson of poplar fluff. Near the garages, it was determined that a 12-year-old schoolboy had set fire to poplar fluff in the immediate vicinity of the garage box.

The police are checking.

It happened before that knownHe said the killers crashed on the road in the Moscow region to assassinate the manager of the capital’s market in Otradnoye.

The incident occurred in February 2024 – then in the Pavlovsky Posad area the killers crashed into the market manager’s car with a VAZ-2107, causing an accident. After the accident occurred, the killers made an attempt, but the man was only injured in his neck and arm and survived thanks to timely medical intervention.

The attackers escaped, but were soon spotted and detained; some of them were in the Krasnodar region.

Previously reportedIn Moscow, police stopped a pickup truck with seven people behind it.

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Source: Gazeta


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