A video emerged from the flooded parking lot of a residential complex, where parking space costs 3 million rubles 16:06

An underground parking lot in a residential complex in northern Moscow was flooded. Images taken by eyewitnesses published Telegram channel “Moscow News”.

“This is what the underground parking lot in the Dmitrovsky Park residential complex on Klyazminskaya Street looks like. Prices for underground parking start from 2-3 million dollars per space,” says the message (spelling and punctuation preserved – socialbites.ca).

Judging by the photos and videos, the parking lot was completely flooded.

It’s raining north of Moscow under water driveways. A passenger bus sank due to rain. While the passengers were evacuated immediately, there were no injuries. City services are in place.

Before that weather forecasters warnedIt is stated that the calm weather observed in Moscow for the third day will be replaced by rain and showers today. However, towards the end of the week the weather will stabilize again; The weather will be sunny and moderately warm.

On Friday, the weather will warm up to 22-24 degrees during the day and 16-18 degrees at night. On the weekend, 24-26 degrees above zero are expected during the day and 15-17 degrees at night.

Russians before reminded meHow not to drive on the roads in the rain?

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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