A video has emerged of drivers in Moscow cleaning storm drains with their bare hands in a large puddle 16:48

A video is circulating online showing drivers in Moscow being forced to clean storm drains with their bare hands while standing in waist-deep water in Bibirevo. Employee published Telegram channel “Attention, Moscow”.

“Drivers are manually clearing storm drains to prevent flooding at the intersection of Muranovskaya and Pristina streets,” the publication says.

In the footage, two men are seen taking garbage out of the sewer and throwing it into the water. later flood managed liquidate. Moscow Municipal Services said that “water flows into storm sewers by gravity.”

Before this, due to rains in the north of the capital drowned bus. While the passengers were evacuated immediately, no one was injured in the incident. Traffic was closed on Klyazminskaya Street, where the incident took place.

Moreover reportedIt was stated that Moscow was paralyzed due to flooded roads after excessive rainfall.

Previously in video wretchedHow a man was forced to swim along a flooded road in Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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