AvtoVAZ introduced the new Lada Iskra. We learned the details of Lada Iskra after its premiere at SPIEF, it will go on sale in spring 2025 06/05/2024, 16:00

The world premiere of AvtoVAZ’s new model Lada Iskra was held in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Production will begin next year and the car will go on sale in the spring; The company wants to meet seasonal high demand.

In the AvtoVAZ model range, the Iskra will sit between the Granta and the flagship Vesta. At SPIEF, the car is offered in a sedan body, but serial production will include a station wagon, as well as a Cross version with protective plastic lining and increased ground clearance.

According to AvtoVAZ, the new model will receive three power units. The basic option is a 1.6 engine with 90 hp. with a five-speed manual transmission. The same displacement engine with 106 hp. It is paired with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission and the vehicle is front-wheel drive.

The recommended fuel is AI-95, but 92 octane gasoline is also acceptable. Also in the sports modification the 1.8 EVO engine must be installed; This issue is being worked on.

Lada Iskra will be equipped with the same CVT. loaded for the updated Lada Vesta. McPherson struts are used in the front suspension of the new model, and the rear suspension has a semi-independent torsion beam suspension. Iskra is currently undergoing a final testing and calibration cycle and preparations for production are also ongoing. The exact price of the new product has not been announced.

What’s inside Iskra?

The design of Lada Iskra is based on the modern corporate style of AvtoVAZ with X-shaped stampings on the sidewalls. The front of the car is more massive than that of Lada Vesta, and the hood level is higher. The show car is equipped with a manual transmission. The interior features a conventional instrument cluster with dials for the tachometer and speedometer, and an on-board computer display between them. The company claims that Iskra and Granta do not have a single detail in common in the interior.

On the center console there is a horizontally oriented screen of the media system, under which there is a set of buttons and a climate control unit. However, in the production car this element will be different; the filling itself and AvtoVAZ software are made by Yandex. In the future, all multimedia of VAZ vehicles will be unified.

The vehicle will have two front airbags, but since the vehicle was originally developed by the Renault-Nissan alliance, the door pillars were designed to accommodate curtain airbags for rear passengers.

Whether they will eventually appear is still unknown. Lada Iskra is equipped with air conditioning, parking sensors and heated seats. The chairs have a two-tone finish with light gray inserts, but the design of the seats is also not final – the molding will remain the same, but the supplier for the upholstery of the chairs will be selected.

“Hot” Lada

The new dark red Iskra color is called “Fire”, but there will be another color – the top color for the Cross version.

The standard colors available for Iskra are grey, brown and white; Same as in Granta. However, the new cars will also have their own unique colors: blue and orange. The latter will be available in November 2024 and will only be available for the Cross version.

As an AvtoVAZ representative told socialbites.ca, you can roughly understand what the car in the Cross version will look like from the 2019 Lada Xray Cross crossover in the Amber shade, but for Iskra its unique rating will be chosen.

How was Iskra created?

Initially, Lada Iskra was created on the Global Reach (CMF-B) platform, which AvtoVAZ took over from the Renault concern. Renault Logan is also based on it, but after the French left the factory, Tolyatti employees had to rearrange the design quite a bit.

Many indicators have changed regarding the power frame, sills, A-pillars and B-pillars, floor and much more. Even the classification of steel had to be adjusted for the modernized version.

Initially, the release of the model positioned as the new Granta was planned for 2021 – information that the plasticine model and 3D drawings for the car are ready, seen At the end of 2019. At the same time, AvtoVAZ began purchasing the necessary equipment, and engineers from Romania and France participated in the project work.

However, the author of the car’s design is still listed as Englishman Steve Mattin, who served as design director of AvtoVAZ under the auspices of Renault-Nissan from 2011 to 2020. Under his leadership, the “X-face” modern corporate style of Lada was created.

“The car is built on a modern global platform that has been redesigned and become technologically independent. “During the design, the electronic infrastructure of the model was completely localized, and nearly 400 new parts emerged,” he said.

According to him, investments in the project amounted to 23 billion rubles.

What is known about the price of the new product?

Sokolov explained the approximate price of the new model as follows: “If it were to go on sale now, it would cost 1-1.2 million rubles.”

According to Sergei Udalov, general director of the analytical agency Autostat, when sales start, Iskra may become more expensive due to general economic conditions:

“It could only be the effect of the general situation. If inflation continues, the cost of components will increase; Only this can have an effect.”

According to him, Iskra in the AvtoVAZ model range will gradually distract customers from the outdated Granta. AvtoVAZ will also try to move the Vesta model to a higher price segment by offering new comfort-oriented systems.

“Iskra will be more expensive than Granta, but the cost price probably won’t be too high. For now, we see an increase and expansion of the model range, after which it is possible to displace Granta and transfer sales volume to a new model,” explained Udalov.

According to Oleg Moseev, founder of the Automarketer project, Iskra’s price positioning may also be affected by the increase in the recycling fee, which AvtoVAZ is actively seeking.

“Whether Iskra will enter the bestseller list will largely depend on the price. “Either AvtoVAZ is preparing for an increase in the recycling fee and the fact that competitors will become much more expensive and will also increase the price, or it will set an adequate price tag,” the expert expressed his opinion in an interview with socialbites.ca .

He added that Iskra will also be in high demand from state institutions.

What are you thinking?

AvtoVAZ will launch its new product in St. Petersburg, the production of which will start in early 2025. He exhibited it in St. Petersburg. The estimated cost of Lada Iskra is approximately 1.2 million rubles. socialbites.ca tells about the history of the car’s creation and its features, as well as what place it will take in the company’s model range.

Source: Gazeta


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