Lightning completely burned a child’s bicycle in Moscow 06/06/2024, 16:35

A child’s bicycle was struck by lightning in the Sviblovo district of Moscow. In this respect reports Life with link to Shot Telegram channel. The incident took place on Snezhnaya Street.

It was recorded that lightning completely melted the children’s bicycle, leaving behind burnt plastic pieces. According to the channel, the child was miraculously uninjured; he and his mother walked away moments before the bike was destroyed.

It happened before that knownIt was stated that the weather will continue to be unstable in Moscow today, and showers, sometimes heavy, hail and windy, are expected throughout the day. The air temperature will remain between 24-26 degrees.

There will be local showers, occasionally very heavy and hail. By Friday, the weather will begin to calm down but will continue to be stormy. The back part of the hurricane, which brought bad weather to the capital, will cover Moscow, so there will be short-term rain in places. Storms are also possible during the day.

Previously saviors A woman was pulled from a flooded car in a Moscow parking lot.

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Source: Gazeta


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