A man from Voronezh gave a car to his ex-girlfriend and accused her of stealing 18:16

In the Voronezh region, a man tried to win his ex-girlfriend’s heart again by giving her a car, but later reported the theft. In this respect he is writing Telegram channel Baza.

It was recorded that the couple had a fight and broke up for this reason, but the man did not lose hope of reuniting and decided to make peace by giving the car to his girlfriend.

“In January 2024, he registered the car in his name, but the feelings never returned – and a few days later the abandoned man learned that his new chosen one was driving the car. He couldn’t stand it anymore; He went to the police and wrote a report about the theft,” the publication says.

Law enforcement officials refused to take criminal action against the man. Instead, the court later found him guilty of making a false report and fined him 10 thousand rubles.

It happened before that knownthat the pink Lada Vesta did not help the man win the love of his lover. As a result, the car was put up for sale. “Lada Vesta in three steps. First part: “Happy March 8, my darling!” Part two: car service. Third part: on the sales board,” they wrote in the media. Pink Lada Vesta is offered for purchase on the Avito online platform for 1.58 million rubles.

Previously in video hit Border guard regulating the crossing with a barrier in his hand.

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Source: Gazeta


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