Drivers were told which spark plugs were ruining the engine 11:54

Modern cars have spark plugs with short insulators because they dissipate heat better. In this respect he is writing magazine “Behind the Wheel”, citing automobile expert Mikhail Kolodochkin.

“The longer the insulator, the hotter the spark plug: it is not suitable for use in modern engines with high speeds, where it will overheat and cause hot ignition,” he explained.

According to him, a short insulator, on the contrary, provides good heat transfer. However, due to this, the self-cleaning properties of the wax deteriorate.

There was before that named Used cars you can’t buy. According to auto experts, “it is now important to pay attention to the condition of the car and consider options that are not worn, that is, original, with mileage, with a transparent ownership history, without any restrictions and without serious body damage.” They recommended abandoning taxi or ride-sharing options.

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Source: Gazeta


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