Russians told how car washes and services prepare a car for theft 16:57

Unscrupulous employees of car washes and service stations can quietly prepare the car for subsequent theft. Andrey Kondrashov, head of the Anti-Theft Copyright Protection Laboratory, told about this.

“Anyone can prepare for theft after returning a car. For example, they can turn off the blocking relay. If security cable hood locks are used, the service station can look at where that cable goes or move the cable so the thief can pull it and open the hood,” Kondrashov explained.

According to him, such a danger exists both in unofficial services and official dealers. To counter this, the vehicle’s security system must be designed to be able to switch to service mode if the vehicle falls into the wrong hands. Kondrashov pointed out that it should also have a self-diagnostic function against external interventions.

Russians before named Five mandatory vehicle checks before the summer season.

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Source: Gazeta


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