The tricks of fraudsters in car sales advertisements were explained to Russians 09:31

An unscrupulous second-hand car salesman can be recognized by the ad he has previously posted. In this respect reports Sputnik radio refers to Vadim Ivanov, director of the “Cars” department of Avito Auto.

“A careful salesman will always take several clear photos of the car from different angles. Blurry photos, photos of only individual parts of the car or its interior raise suspicion. This may indicate an attempt to hide defects and damage,” Ivanov said.

In addition, the inadequate explanation in the advertisement for the sale of the car should also raise suspicion. A request to make a deposit on a car may indicate potential fraud. It is not recommended to purchase a vehicle for re-registration from a person who sold your vehicle as proxy and refuses to travel with you.

Before that, Maxim Shelkov, head of the Autocriminalist expert center, said that the evidence that the car offered for sale was in water was traces of oxidation on the electrical contacts, the absence of paper technological labels on the parts and traces of water on the parts. hidden cavities of the body.

The expert added that despite the fact that dry cleaning of the interior can be done on a car that has not been immersed in water, an interior completely free of traces of use should prompt the potential buyer to conduct a detailed inspection.

happened before knownWhat damage can occur due to untimely replacement of antifreeze?

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Source: Gazeta


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