Automobile company Chery will bring “Iranian” cars to Russia 14:51

Chinese automobile company Chery has registered a new brand, Fownix, in Russia. Such data are contained in the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

The name of the new brand is not included in the documents, but Chery cars are produced in Iran under the Fownix brand with the same logo. Tiggo crossovers and Omoda models are sold here.

It is not yet known which cars Chery plans to produce under the Fownix brand in the Russian Federation. There is also a possibility that the company will change the name of its Russian line before entering the European market.

Previously available in Russia seen Chery Arrizo 8 sedan in the “Folk” Comfort configuration. The new version has become the basic version. They offer to buy it for 2.8 million rubles. Previously, the line was opened with the Prestige model, which was sold at a higher price. It is noted that the new equipment did not receive adaptive cruise control, a set of electric assistants and a panoramic roof. The seats are deprived of electric adjustments.

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Source: Gazeta


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