In Dagestan, parents do not return their daughters who were kidnapped by their neighbors in the car 05/20/2024, 17:28

In Dagestan, a 22-year-old girl named Patimat was kidnapped by her fellow villager, the police refuse to investigate. In this respect reports Telegram channel Baza.

“The fact that the girl is engaged by another villager makes the situation worse. According to relatives, the police are doing nothing to secure his release or even protect the kidnapper,” the publication says.

It was noted that the girl was abducted in the Levashinsky district about a week ago. In the footage published by the channel, it is claimed that a man took Patimat away in a black car. The girl managed to send a message to her parents, in which she said that it was stolen by a “light” man and its geolocation. Since then, Patimat has not been contacted again. The family of the kidnapped woman complains about the police not filing a lawsuit because the perpetrator’s relatives work at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Patimat’s relatives and acquaintances gathered at the police station to protest.

A previously unknown man in Melbourne was kidnapped He took the mother and her child from the parking lot and forced the woman to buy expensive equipment for herself. The incident occurred near Stud Park shopping centre. A young woman with a child was walking towards the car when a stranger suddenly ran towards her. The man forced the family into the car at knifepoint and demanded money from the Australian woman. The attacker then held a knife to the child’s throat and forced the Australian woman to go to another shopping mall and buy her a laptop. The frightened mother fulfilled all the demands of the criminal, after which the man released the child and disappeared.

He had previously attacked a drunk Afghan student with a knife in Moscow. wretched in the video.

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Source: Gazeta


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