Where and which spare parts to take – research

The majority of drivers (56%) started purchasing spare parts and consumables themselves, rather than buying them from the auto service along with their replacement services. Ozone specialists discovered this during a survey of more than 1,500 people.

A third of motorists (36%) buy exclusively non-genuine spare parts – analogues are cheaper, but should not be inferior in quality. For example, 24% of the respondents do not see the difference between the original and the analogues, and 8% are sure that non-genuine spare parts are even better.

At the same time, 34% of people buy spare parts and consumables online (8% in marketplaces). In ordinary stores, 15% of respondents prefer to take them, and in car markets – 12%.

But the share of marketplaces is steadily growing. For example, since the beginning of the summer, Ozon has purchased 3.3 times more spare parts than in June 2021. People are particularly interested in steering parts, suspension parts, body parts, transmission parts and parts for fuel and braking systems.

21% of people annually spend 10-20 thousand rubles on spare parts. A quarter of motorists admitted that today they spend 20-30 thousand rubles a year on spare parts. 20% of respondents – 30-50 thousand rubles and 15% – more than 50 thousand.

Source: Z R


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