The bus carrying passengers in Moika had an accident again 15:37

Another accident with an azure bus occurred in St. Petersburg – three people were injured as a result of a collision with a truck. In this respect reports Telegram channel “Mash on Moika”.

“At the intersection of Planernaya and Optikov the azure bus turned sideways and crashed into a parked truck while turning <...> The broadcast stated that three passengers inside were injured.

It was recorded that the accident occurred around 08:00 in the morning, a few hours after the driver’s shift started. The truck hit the side of the bus. Passengers in the cabin suffered bruises on their heads, chests and shoulders, two of whom required medical attention.

Previously St. in St. Petersburg smoked bus with passengers. The incident took place near Constitution Square. According to eyewitnesses, the passengers immediately left the cabin.

Recently St. Approximately 20 buses of different brands were put into service in St. Petersburg. It was destroyed or damaged by fire. In a conversation with, industry experts explained the true cause of the problems in the “azure” transport of the Northern capital and whether this can lead to serious emergencies.

A video of a Ceylan driver was previously published runs on the Moscow Ring Road for someone else’s wallet.

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Source: Gazeta


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