The traffic police told how to reduce the number of accidents with a taxi

Mikhail Chernikov said at a meeting of the public council presidency under Russia’s interior ministry that the interior ministry is now promoting the idea of ​​legally assigning the post of transport organizer to taxi aggregators, Rossiyskaya writes in Gazeta.

Now that most of the transportation is done through them, cars don’t hit the road like they used to. That’s why you should ask the aggregators.

Will help to put things in order and “Show the data traffic police”. You need to know exactly who is driving the car. Now taxi driving licenses are also issued to drivers with national rights. But there is no way to check whether such rights have been granted in this driver’s home country, whether he has been deprived of his rights there and what violations he has committed during his professional activities.

It is also necessary to organize telemedicine for taxi drivers. They still have to pass a medical before they can enter the line, but it is unknown if they will pass. Telemedicine will make this moment transparent.

Source: Z R


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