Automobile Insurers Association evaluated the risks of increasing the payment limit within the scope of OSAGO 16:59

The decision to increase the payment limit under compulsory motor insurance to 200 thousand rubles in cases where an accident is recorded without the participation of police officers may lead to an increase in fraudulent activities in this segment. In this respect Reported by the Russian Association of Automobile Insurers (RUA).

Representatives of the organization explained that the RCA generally supports the need to develop and disseminate the European protocol.

“But fraud is still on the rise, so such data on traffic accidents needs to be supplemented with more objective information. To achieve this, it will be necessary, in particular, to facilitate insurance companies’ access to data from road cameras, photo and video surveillance and other information about the situation on the road.” he added.

On May 13, the Russian government supported A draft law, upon adoption of which the limit for payment of insurance compensation under compulsory motor liability insurance in the country will be increased from 100 to 200 thousand rubles. To implement the initiative, the authors recommend giving insurance companies expanded access to documents and information related to the occurrence of an insured event.

It was previously known that payments were made within the scope of compulsory traffic insurance in Russia started to transmit by inheritance.

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Source: Gazeta


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