The State Duma spoke about the work on the draft law on localization of taxi vehicles 12:48

The share of Chinese cars in the Russian taxi market may soon reach 60-70%; The bill on localization of taxi cars, which is being considered in the State Duma, could change the situation and facilitate competition for domestic manufacturers. About this “Parliamentary newspaper” said One of the authors of the document is Vladimir Gutenev, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry and Trade.

The draft law assumes that the government will establish a minimum level of mandatory localization of cars purchased for use in taxis, similar to the points system for the participation of cars in government procurement. Changes made in the second reading of the document are currently being collected. First of all, its authors want to avoid the concept of “vehicle localization level”.

“Instead, we introduce a cumulative number of points for the performance of technological operations or conditions on the territory of the Russian Federation during the production of each vehicle,” Gutenev said.

Additionally, the Council of Ministers will prepare its own amendments. The deputy noted that from now on, the amendments will be considered by the responsible State Duma committee, after which the date for the second reading will be determined.

State Duma Transport Committee in January approved A bill proposing to give Russia’s constituent entities the right to determine the minimum level of localization of cars used as taxis. Andrei Kutepov, chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the Federation Council, noted that the inclusion of standards in the legislation will lead to a further increase in demand for domestic cars from the taxi industry.

Russians before warned from using the services of private taxis that take you to the metro.

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Source: Gazeta


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