It became known who will give money for the production of components for Moskvich

The Ministry of Industry and Trade considers it its duty to support the work of the Moscow government and KAMAZ in organizing the production of cars at the Moskvich plant.

The department said the localization of Moskvich components will be supported by soft loans under a special program of the Industrial Development Fund (IDF).

In addition, the development of an automotive platform for this brand can receive subsidy for research and development.

Funds for the localization of components can be allocated in the form of soft loans under a special program of the Industrial Development Fund, and the development of a new Russian universal platform will be able to receive support in the form of a grant for R&D,” the press service quoted Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade as saying.

According to the development strategy of the Moskvich plant, at least 600 vehicles will be produced by the SKD method by the end of this year, of which about 200 are electric vehicles.

In the first stage, components from various manufacturers from friendly countries will be used, in the second stage, the organization of its own production of automotive components will be used: electric motors, batteries, control systems, security, etc.

In addition, it was announced that since July 6, KAMAZ has started developing its own vehicle platform.

Source: Z R


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