200,000 rubles – a new fine was approved by the State Duma

… the third time in a year he got behind the wheel and his driver’s license was taken away. Sad statistics forced lawmakers to include such a sanction in the Code of Administrative Offenses – more than half of the trips to the oncoming lane are made by drivers who have been deprived of their rights, meaning the sanctions imposed today in force do not work (this is a fine of 30 thousand rubles and an arrest for up to 15 days or compulsory labor for 200 hours). So they decided to expand.

If the disadvantaged driver gets back behind the wheel, the fine will be 50-100 thousand rubles, and 150 hours will have to be spent on mandatory work.

The bill passed on second reading, adding another rule: the impossibility for such violators to use a 50% discount when paying fines.

We are waiting for the third reading, after which the law will be signed by the president and come into effect.

Source: Z R


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