Drivers were told why the car should not be developed manually 00:12

Drivers were told why the car should not be developed manually 00:12

Russian drivers are warned not to try to improve the vehicle with their own hands. In this respect he is writing “Behind the Wheel” magazine.

One of the main “harmful” tips for improving a car is to consciously wade through puddles to wash the underbody and fender linings of the car. However, automobile experts have warned that in practice, water entering the engine can cause damage. This can particularly affect the grip on the road surface and ultimately lead to an accident.

Another mistake is to add various additives to engine oil unnecessarily. Automobile experts also warned drivers not to replace standard bulbs with advanced bulbs as they often do not give the expected effect. You should not install zero resistance filters in your car, which often frustrates drivers.

Also, experts advised not to indulge in washing the engine too often, as there is a risk of moisture getting into the frightened places. Experts say that it is better to entrust this to professionals.

Before that it was known how much the driver can pass on a flat tire. According to automobile experts, the car will be able to move from a few meters to tens of kilometers. They added that if there is no spare wheel, you can pump the flat tire up to three atmospheres and start moving. After 3-5 minutes of travel, you need to stop and check how much the pressure has dropped. You need to re-inflate the tire at about one atmosphere and do this until you get there. When driving on asphalt with a completely flat tire, you can travel approximately two kilometers at a speed of 40 km/h. In this case the tire can then be inflated and used later.

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