AvtoVAZ halved the number of top managers

Another reorganization at AVTOVAZ affected the personnel management sector and its character turned out to be quite radical. According to “Atypical AVTOVAZ”, the number of vice presidents at the enterprise has halved – now there are only eight instead of the previous sixteen.

In particular, the source writes, AvtoVAZ no longer has vice presidents for quality, design, logistics, programs and products, technology, product engineering, business planning, industrial services. Some managers who held these positions have been relegated to the level of directorates, while others simply cease to exist.

So, according to some reports, a number of divisions and their heads – namely, vice presidents and directors for design, technology, industrial strategy, programs and products came under the control of the new vice president for engineering, Evgeny Shmelev. It is also reported that the positions of the chief designer and chief technologist that existed even under the USSR are returning to the factory structure.

The heads of departments for strategy and technical development, for production, for sales and marketing, for purchasing, for finance, for human resources and social policy, for external relations and interaction with shareholders, for security and regime have retained their positions.

In fact, AVTOVAZ returns to the management system that was in place before the arrival of the Renault-Nissan alliance in 2005.

  • AvtoVAZ’s new president Maxim Sokolov said Lada cars in “anti-crisis” configurations can be purchased under the soft loan program.
  • “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube.

Source: Z R


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