How much can you really save on spare parts in 2022?

This is what the expert “Behind the wheel” discovered, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia, Kirill Mileshkin. He studied the prices of original spare parts and analogues for more than a dozen popular models of different classes and came to the conclusion that the savings are worth the candle.

The comparison was performed on four spare parts and consumables:

  • oil filter
  • front brake pads
  • shock absorber
  • headlight

So it turned out that on these parts for Lada Vesta you can save about 50%, but not in the case of shock absorbers: originals are only 7% more expensive than analogues.

You can save up to 70% on spare parts for Skoda Octavia. But only a headlight for this model (analogous to adaptive LED) can not be found today. Therefore, if something happens to her, you will have to pay at least 127,513 rubles for the original. Bee Mazda CX-5 by the way, the situation is reversed – the original LED adaptive headlights can not be found, and an analog can be bought for 18,475 rubles.

The greatest savings can be made when buying non-genuine front brake pads for the company’s cars. Volkswagen It reaches 91%! At the same time, the expert counted 80 analogues – the richest choice. And if the original pads cost at least 14,150 rubles, then the analogues – from 1290 rubles.

To learn more about exactly how much you can save on repair and maintenance of popular models, read the July issue of “Behind the Wheel” magazine – which is already on sale.

The material was prepared on the basis of Kirill Mileshkin’s article “”, published in the 07.2022 issue of “Behind the wheel” magazine.

Source: Z R


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