Names of the main mistakes made by motorcyclists 17:52

Many novice motorcyclists increase their risk of accidents by being careless on the roads. In this respect to write Izvestia cites BMW Motorrad instructor Viktor Potapenko, founder of the Motostudy safe driving school.

“A common mistake among new motorcyclists is to ride at high speeds that they are not yet accustomed to. Beginners often want to join groups of more experienced riders and start riding faster than their skills allow. “This approach often leads to serious consequences,” he said.

In addition, many inexperienced motorcyclists hope that drivers will be attentive and understanding towards them on the road, but in practice drivers often do not notice them, focusing on other tasks. The expert advised beginners to devote their first motorcycle season to training.

Additionally, many inexperienced motorcyclists neglect equipment, wearing only a helmet. But there is another extreme, the expert added, where a beginner should wear the safest equipment possible, thereby greatly restricting their movements. Potapenko reminded that motorcyclists should not forget to check the technical condition of their vehicles, despite their driving experience. Failure to perform proper maintenance may lead to malfunctions and accidents.

State Duma deputy Biysultan Khamzaev in early April criticized motorcycle drivers performing dangerous maneuvers on the roads. According to him, the appearance of motorcyclists on the roads is often provocative. The MP asked them to be more careful.

Moscow Ministry of Transport also in the name It allows motorcyclists to engage in more predictable behavior on the roads. The ministry noted that the main causes of the accident were careless lane changing, failure to comply with distance and driving rules, and violation of the speed limit.

In the court where a preventive measure decision was previously taken against Şahin Abbasov, gathered cyclists.

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Source: Gazeta


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