Motor ship with 48 passengers crashed near Vladivostok 14:36

A video of a ship stuck in the Vladivostok region with 48 passengers on board is circulating on the Internet. Employee published Telegram channel “PrimaMedia.Primorye”.

“The stuck ship is being pulled to the shore. There are passengers with children and Chinese students from the Far Eastern Federal University on the ship,” it said in the broadcast.

Cruise ship “Lotos” with 48 passengers and four crew on April 21 got up Due to the malfunction, it anchored off Popov Island near Vladivostok. According to preliminary data, the cause of the stop was a technical malfunction on the ship. Repair work was carried out. The supervisory authority conducted an audit of compliance with maritime safety legislation. Lotos operates regular passenger services from Vladivostok to the Popov and Reineke islands in the Great Gulf.

Previously recognized Number of deaths in accidents involving a bus and a truck in the Moscow region.

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Source: Gazeta


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