5 Inconvenient Questions for Someone Required to Watch Traffic Police’s Cameras

Who maintains the cameras and how? Who checks the correctness of their work? Can a network of huge numbers of cameras work without major disruptions?

And finally, where do the errors in photo and video recordings come from, how many are they, what to do with them and is there a chance to restore justice?

We learned all this from the example of a road safety solution provider – MVS Group. Her COO Mikhail Rodionov answered a number of questions.

There are almost 1,500 sets of photo and video fixation (PVF) in the Moscow region who takes care of all this?

– It should be noted that we are not just talking about a camera, it is a complex computer system and a measuring device at the same time. The task is divided among several dozen analysts, specialists in special software support, metrologists, monitoring service specialists and, of course, highly qualified technicians who maintain the complexes right on the border.

And how do they find out about the camera malfunction? Should I go around and check them all?

– A detour of such a large group in principle yields nothing, such an approach to service is simply impossible. We use a technical monitoring system, that is, each complex sends us information in real time on several dozen important parameters. The system enables the employee on duty to determine the presence of a problem in a timely manner, while the average response time to an incoming request does not exceed 20 minutes.

Most problems are automatically diagnosed, the operator only needs to confirm the correctness and follow the corrective action. We get a day for this and in reality we meet such standards in 98-99% of the cases.

Here’s a new camera who checks if it is installed correctly?

– The traffic police gives us without fail confirmation of the correctness of the arrangement of control lines, only then is the operation of the FVF complexes possible.

Is there some sort of bug checking in violation resolution?

— This topic seems popular, but I want to give some real numbers. Up to 30 million violations are registered annually in the Moscow region: these are already decisions on administrative violations, after multi-stage verification and rejection of photographic material. Every year, approximately 8,000 applications are received that relate to the Fund. And this includes general things like payment methods and so on. But even if these were all mistakes, the percentage of marriage would simply be negligible.

The math here is very simple, we are talking about hundredths of a percent. I would like my internet provider to work with such quality! Mistakes still happen, any technique can fail. But any such case is always considered quickly, a repair team is immediately dispatched or a remote software check is performed. In addition, we are in constant contact with the manufacturers of the complexes, if necessary they participate in identifying possible problems.

A large number of mistakes in the past were also related to malfunctions in the operation of external registration databases – this is, for example, when you were able to receive a decision for a car that you sold a long time ago. It is important to know that if you have any doubts about the correct implementation of the decision, you should immediately contact the traffic police through one of the available communication channels, all errors will be immediately corrected.

Can hackers break into the system, steal data and send fake fines?

– Personal data is stored in external federal systems, the FVF system cannot access it, does not generate decisions about administrative offenses and does not transmit them, it only stores a series of photos and a recorded speed. The system is isolated from external access, it is impossible to connect to it from the Internet.

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  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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