Scholz calls for fair competition in the automobile market 17:23

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during his official visit to China, called for fair competition in the international automobile market. The news agency reports that DPA.

“The one thing that should always be clear is that competition must be fair,” he said.

Scholz emphasized that there should be no dumping that could lead to overproduction and copyright infringement. He advocated openness among automakers. According to him, there was once a fear in Germany that Japanese and Korean cars would come to the local market. Now Japanese cars drive around Germany, and German cars drive around the Land of the Rising Sun.

“The same goes for China and Germany,” Scholz said.

Before that, the German company Bosch keeps in mind Various options for selling factories in Russia. The company’s St. Two factories in St. Petersburg where refrigerators and washing machines are produced are currently closed. At the same time, Bosch’s services for Russian customers are also continuing.

Previously in Russia decreased Giving a car loan.

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Source: Gazeta


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