Minsk Automobile Plant launches a line of sausages 14:07

A series of sausages under the brand name Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) went on sale in Belarus. About this company reported On your Telegram channel.

“Sausages and meat products were created by the Borisov meat processing plant, which uses beef produced by AgroMAZ (a subsidiary of the automobile plant – approx. socialbites.ca),” the publication says.

Various types of sausages are on sale: “Estonian aromatic”, “Milano”, “Vilaggio”, “Krakowskaya”, “Brunswick”, etc.

Representatives of the automobile factory stated that the new products will be a good addition to the cheese and honey produced by the company. Recipients were asked to place them in a gift grocery set.

Before that, Russian automaker AvtoVAZ started Mobile application called “Lada World”. To start using it, you first need to register your car in your personal account. After that, Lada online services and technical documentation of the vehicle will be available to the user. Specifically, the service will help the customer track vehicle loan information, make payments, and renew insurance and service programs for the vehicle.

Formerly Bentley launched “Car” for lovers of alcoholic beverages.

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Source: Gazeta


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