We learned how to store winter tires correctly 12:28

Before storing your winter tires until the next cold season, they should be cleaned of dirt and stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Vadim Strelbitsky, director of the mechanical repair department of Avilon Kia, told socialbites.ca. According to him, the tires need to be repositioned to avoid deformation.

“As for tips on storing tires, it is recommended to thoroughly clean them from dirt, reagents, stones and dust before putting them away until needed. It is also important to inspect the tires for damage, cuts and wear and to pay attention to whether they are holding pressure,” said Strelbitsky.

According to the expert, you need to find a cool, dry place to store tires. It should also be protected from direct sunlight to prevent the rubber from drying out. Otherwise, tires may crack during further use.

It is also important to ensure the correct position of tires during storage: Tires without rims should be in a vertical position or on special shelves to avoid pressure on the sidewalls. Wheels mounted on discs can be stored inflated in both vertical and horizontal positions.

happened before knownWhy is it dangerous to put tires on dirty wheels?

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