Penalty for average speed – everyone gets caught

Fines following the adoption of amendments to the Administrative Offenses Code will be handed out much more, warns Petr Shkumatov, a member of the public council of the Central Interior of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow.

For example, the fine for driving on highways for slow-moving vehicles that cannot exceed 40 km/h is increased, as well as the fine for practicing there, as well as the fine for trucks that go further than the second lane on highways.

But the biggest danger for all drivers without exception is average speed fines.

“Millions of drivers are at risk of losing their rights because we have a huge number of 40 signs in those areas where you are allowed to drive 110. That is, if a person exceeds the speed limit by 40-60 km/h, it necessarily means that he is grossly violating the SDA, and has not just fallen into a trap of signs,” Izvestia is quoting Shkumatov.

Installing cameras to determine the average speed of vehicles in different areas is cheaper than installing radar cameras. That is, it is enough to install two cameras without radars (or to connect cameras already installed to the system): one at the beginning of the section and the other at the end. Then it remains to calculate the maximum speed at which the section can be passed without violations (taking into account all the restrictions to 50, 40 and 20 km / h), and issue fines to anyone who moves faster from camera to camera.

Source: Z R


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