Authorities will require taxi delivery services to pass data to the FSB

The document proposes requiring aggregators and taxi companies to provide the FSB with “automated remote access” to their information systems and data to the Federal Security Service (FSB), RBC learned.

It’s about the data “used to receive, store, process and send passenger taxi orders” The authenticity of the text at publication was confirmed by two industry sources.

According to the document, owners of taxi delivery services, with the exception of the FSB, will have to transfer information about the transportation, including the location of the taxi and driver, to the Uniform Regional Navigation and Information System (RNIS). This is a platform for the management and monitoring of the transport infrastructure in the Russian regions.

It is known that the Ministry of Justice, Rostransnadzor, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Tax Office and the Ministry of Health have reached an agreement on the bill.

In addition to this provision, the draft law introduces a minimum rate for the carriage of passengers and luggage, limits the number of passenger taxis in the region, introduces the responsibility of aggregators if damage is caused to a passenger’s life, health or property, and so on.

The document regulating the work of taxis in Russia has been developed for a long time, and, according to market participants, a new version will be submitted to the State Duma in the near future.

Source: Z R


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