Why can’t the windshield wipers raise when parked?

Often, so that the wiper blades do not freeze on the windshield when parking, car owners place them vertically. But this method has two drawbacks. First, not all cars have windshield wipers designed to do this with the hood closed. And secondly, at the same time the springs of the lines are stretched. As a result, the brushes are pressed less against the glass during operation.

You can order an accessory for this cover on the internet. The principle of operation is as follows: the part is attached to the wiper line. If necessary, the car owner puts the accent and the concierge rises above the glass.

This accessory is relatively inexpensive. On the well-known AliExpress portal you can order it for 500 rubles, but our reader found an almost free way.

In winter, when I leave the car at night, I place disposable cups under the wiper arms. Wipers do not come into contact with the glass and do not freeze on it, which extends their life.

V. Merenov, Leningrad region

Why can't the windshield wipers raise when parked?

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