Simplified AVTOVAZ models without imported parts will not be cheap

Since March 23, Renault has suspended operations in Russia. As for the stake in AVTOVAZ, the Renault Group is considering several options and will somehow support its 45,000 employees in Russia. How exactly, the message did not say.

Following the Renault Group’s announcement, AVTOVAZ also issued a press release stating that all possible measures have been taken in recent weeks to ensure job retention.

The company holiday has been postponed to April, during which time they will try to restore supply chains and replace some very important imported components with alternative ones. In addition, the domestic manufacturer prepares: “special versions of some Lada models that are less affected by imported components.”

Expert Commentary

Maxim Kadakovyeditor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”:

– In the worst case, we can produce Grant and two Niva: Travel and Legend – without ABS, airbags and with a simplified multimedia system, well, without buttons on the steering wheel. AvtoVAZ will be able to produce the simplest configurations, but this also takes time. This gives us a spread in quality and strangely enough, these simplifications will not lead to a price reduction.

Less edition – more expensive components, everything must be set up, tested, there will be problems with logistics, and our car component manufacturers “for 5 kopecks” will not agree to work. We get cars with “questions” to say the least.

As for the Largus, XRAY and Vesta models, which are difficult to locate, here, if we don’t have imported components, the process of returning them to the conveyor will take many months. How much exactly? I’m not going to guess, I think even AVTOVAZ itself can’t name the dates now.

Recall that the French Renault Group has a 68% stake in the capital of AVTOVAZ. The remaining 32% is from Rostec. The production areas of AVTOVAZ are located in Tolyatti and Izhevsk.

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