Named the date of the first test drive Lada Vesta NG

The main novelty of AvtoVAZ in 2022 should be the updated Vesta, which the manufacturer calls Lada Vesta NG (new generation). Vesta even survived the restyling, and on February 22 we saw what has become the appearance of the Russian bestseller.

However, the interior has not yet been presented, although the factory workers promised to show it in the “coming” weeks…

According to preliminary information, this will actually not happen until mid-May. Now the factory is preparing about 15 “exhibition” copies of the updated Vesta, Avtograd News reports. It is also reported that a test drive for journalists is scheduled for May 16 – revealing details about the cabin, of course.

The source writes that all test cars are in the top configuration, including digital instruments, an MMC “tablet” screen, keyless entry and a blind spot monitoring system. The refinement of machines is mainly in electronics – specialists eliminate cases of incorrect operation.

“There were a lot of problems and the interior itself of the cars turned out to be in a semi-assembled state,” the author of the post reports. It should be emphasized that the information is informal. AVTOVAZ’s press service traditionally did not announce upcoming presentations or test drives, nor did it comment on the preparation of the presentation.

At the presentation in February, the interior was hidden by an almost impenetrable shade.

At the presentation in February, the interior was hidden by an almost impenetrable shade.

Yes, and the situation at the factory is difficult: the shortage of electronics has worsened with the onset of the Ukrainian crisis, which is delaying the full-fledged launch of the updated Vesta. The above source reports that the presentation for buyers at dealers has also been postponed until May. And the start of sales, originally scheduled for May, will likely be pushed back even further.

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