Chery introduced new cars for Russia 20:19

This year, Chinese automaker Chery will launch updated versions of Tiggo 4 and Tiggo 7 on the Russian market, along with its new flagship crossover Tiggo 9. he is writing Portal “Automobile News of the Day” with reference to Deputy General Manager of Chery International Sun Spring.

Since March, sales of the updated version of the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro 18-year crossover have begun in Russia, dedicated to the 18-year existence of the brand in the domestic market. It is available in five trim levels. The most expensive version was equipped with a wide range of equipment. The cost of the transition taking into account “direct benefit” is 150 thousand rubles. It starts from 1.97 million rubles.

There is no definitive information about the updated Chery Tiggo 7 yet. Tiggo 9 is supplied to Russia by “gray” dealers and “private owners”. In December last year, it was offered to buy for 4.3-5 million rubles.

Before that, it was known that there was a Chery car brand. will be thrown A new car brand in Russia – Chery Tiggo.

In the domestic market in 2025 may appear The final decision regarding the Chery iCar 03 model will be made in the second half of 2024, taking into account market conditions.

Formerly automaker Audi decided to extend Lifecycle rather than replacing the flagship A8 with a new electric vehicle.

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Source: Gazeta


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