Dealers started using unofficial and used parts

Russian car dealers are experiencing problems with original spare parts and consumables, reported, citing representatives of car centers. For example, parts for some positions are not available for cars from Volkswagen, Skoda and Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Mazda.

There are no brake pads for European-built models, as well as air filters (for the Teramont SUV), gear oil for the DSG wet-clutch gearbox, plastic sump plugs for 2.0-litre engines and many other parts, a source at one of the companies said. the dealers.

If genuine parts are not available, dealers offer used and non-original parts to customers. In order not to stop customer service, the vast majority of dealers buy non-genuine consumables, the publication’s interlocutor admitted. Because no one knows when deliveries will resume normally.

Earlier, the Association “Russian Automobile Dealers” (ROAD) sent relevant requests to representatives of car brands. For example, Sollers Ford told her that they had lifted the restrictions on the installation of non-genuine parts, AVTOVAZ admitted that the shipment of parts had been temporarily halted, and Mitsubishi replied that only the accumulated stocks of parts are now being used, but that this is not the case. will be. long enough. At the same time, there are parts in the warehouses of Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz. The economic blockade of Russia announced by Western countries also has consequences for the car industry. Many auto parts manufacturers have frozen the supply of parts to the Russian market.

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