Lada dealers ask for more anti-crisis Granta Classic’22

On June 23, the dealers of the Lada dealer network managed to sell 55 copies of the anti-crisis Granta Classic’22, reports Atypical AVTOVAZ. With the release of this configuration, the auto giant restored the production of cars as such. From then on, it took several days to deliver the simplified Grants to dealers. And today, the source writes, dealers are reporting a very high demand for such cars and asking for more supplies.

Recall that Granta Classic’22 is available in three body types (only a hatchback is not offered), and the sedan is the most affordable – it costs 675,900 rubles. The liftback is estimated by the factory at 695,900 rubles, the station wagon – at 695,900 rubles. For a surcharge of 17,000 rubles, you can order alloy wheels instead of stamped ones.

According to unofficial data, Grants’ assembly pace is now quite high: in two eight-hour shifts, more than 600 commercial vehicles roll off the assembly line in Togliatti. The working week at the main productions of the car giant is still four days. In the near future, the assembly of Niva SUVs will be restored.

  • And anti-crisis subsidies will be improved in terms of equipment – soon, for example, air conditioning should return.
  • “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube.

Source: Z R


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