MAZ brought a GAZelle competitor to Russia

Belarusian brand MAZ has introduced a new line of minibuses and vans in Russia. The company will be launching these models in the very near future. The presentation took place in Moscow on the territory of the official distributor MAZ-RUS LLC. The cars were shown to a fairly wide audience.

The company’s website reports that the vehicles were demonstrated “for representatives of the distribution network in the Russian Federation, business partners, manufacturers of special equipment, as well as interested organizations and carriers.”

The vehicles MAZ-281040 and MAZ-365022 are assembled at the MAZ subsidiary Brestmash (Brest), whose representatives shared details about the new line, the first light vehicles of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Apparently the closest competitors in Russia are GAZelle Next and the new GAZelle NN.

MAZ brought a GAZelle competitor to Russia

MAZ brought a GAZelle competitor to Russia

MAZ brought a GAZelle competitor to Russia

Competitors of GAZelles of MAZ:

  • MAZ-281040 – minibuses for the transport of passengers on urban and suburban routes of medium length. The minibus is presented in 2 trim levels: 9+1 and 15+1, which will meet the needs of any carrier.
  • MAZ-365022 – a light commercial vehicle with a payload of 760 to 1150 kg with a loading area of ​​12 m². The internal dimensions of the luggage compartment are 3.4 x 1.8 x 1.8 m, the gross weight is 3490-4050 kg. All extensions are possible – from a van to an ambulance.

MAZ brought a GAZelle competitor to Russia

MAZ brought a GAZelle competitor to Russia

The company emphasizes that MAZ has a well-developed truck service network in Russia and that new minibuses and vans can be serviced at any of these service stations.

In the context of increasing import substitution, MAZ wants to launch these vehicles in Russia as soon as possible. True, the press service has not yet mentioned specific dates.

  • The Chinese company JAC will also bring a competitor of GAZelle to Russia.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

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